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memories of lawson

Sent by Jan Nelson

mary and i heard about the restaurant when it was on 7th, and the person we heard about was lawson bracewell. it was a collective that might be interested in taking our ice cream making machine. i first remember thinking, “who is this guy”. is he really a hippie? and feeling a little curious and intimidated ( wth a name like lawson bracewell). i thought his manner to be formal and even aloof, but then there was his laugh.

another thing stuck in my brain is when he wanted to hop a freight west. he asked me to drive him to the rail yard. nick came along and we dropped him there in this dark, scary freight yard. i don’t remember how long he was gone, but when returning, he said he thought he was going to freeze to death. then he laughed that laugh. i think he had a horrible experience all together.

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Commonplace Beginnings by Lawson Bracewell

Thanks to Lawson for sending this audio on the origin of Commonplace Restaurant:

More memories from Lawson:


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