The Commonplace Collective

…and fellow travelers.

Some of these folks listed below were customers, or just sycophants, rather than workers, but since they served themselves, bussed their dishes, and opened the cash register themselves to pay, I'm including them.

Edward Winter thought he should not be on the collective list, because he wasn't in the collective. My opinion is that its too hard to remember who did what, therefore, anyone I, or you, can remember in that restaurant (correctly or incorrectly) was a member of the 'collective' such as it was, for the purposes of this website. Its guilt by association, Edward.

At any rate, I don't think we ever defined what a member of the collective was in writing. In retrospect, maybe the definition should be, any person (or other animal) that attended all or part of one of those Monday Commonplace meetings is hereby considered a member of the Commonplace Collective, from the date of their first meeting, until eternity.

Names with an asterisk are people who I don't know how to contact. If you happen to know, and if you think they want to be contacted about this site, please drop me a line from the contact page, or just send a reply below. Also please send other names to add. And please tell me if you want your name removed…

I alphabetized these names by last name, unless I don't know their last name. Its the only way I can easily find them later.

Elle Anthony*
Anne Armstrong*
Marcia Baer*
Phill (Lindsay) Baker*
Mary Bjorneby*
Brandon Bracewell
Charles Bracewell
Lawson Bracewell
Thelma Bracewell
Alan Burgoine
Jim Carmody*
Mark Carmody
Marisa Chamberlain
Ona Conroy
Tom Copeland
George Crocker*
Andrea Deimel
Jill Dickson
Jane Fatall (Selby Fleetwood)
John (Traynor) Faughn*
Geoffrey Fischer

Jess Gordon*
David Gutknecht
Gypsy (Sandralyn Hagenmiller)
Robert Hall*
Levi Harp*
Al Hildenbrand
Gar Hildenbrand*
Thea Johanssen
Prudence Johnson
Judy Jordan
Tim Kane
Brenda Langton
Cheryl Langton
Leslie ?*
Nick Lethert
Tom Lloyd
Danny Lord
Mary Louise
Mario Lorenz
David Luce
Miranda Marland
Steven Mayer*

David (Fool Moon) Monasch
Miriam Monasch
John Mulhern
Jan Nelson
Carol Neumann
Denise Nienstadt
Yvonne Nienstadt
Richard Olson
Michael Peyer*
Karen Phelps*
Daniel Peterson
Stuart (Rosen?)
Terry Rosendahl
Susanna Ryan
Tim Ryan
David Scher
Mark Snow
Su Thwing
Michelle Wiegand
Edward Winter
Al Wroblewski*


  1. jan nelson on May 25, 2021 at 11:41 pm

    I just remembered Fred. does anyone know Fred’s story. was he originally employed by the building owner for maintenance or something? ask Brenda.
    Jess moved to St. Paul with Leslie. I hung out with them. they taught at an alternative school one block over from Selby in an old mansion. I have a photo somewhere. Leslie had a distinct Brooklyn accent and syntax, but she was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. When she moved back, Jess and I went down to visit and stayed in her family’s house (while they were gone) in a suburban barrio. Bohemia beer was made there and I remember thinking there were a lot of Germans in Monterrey. I never asked but I wondered if Leslie’s parents had emigrated from the Nazis. Leslie had an old car and drove around like a maniac – swerving in and out of traffic – terrifying. she said that was necessary or we would be stuck in traffic and never get anywhere. we found a vegetarian restaurant and after a meal, had a friendly conversation with the family owners. of course. Leslie did most of the talking – I struggled with my very limited high school Spanish. I shut up after saying their little girl was not very cute. I thought I was calling her little and cute. Leslie had to rescue me. the family was making vegetarian tamales to take into the country for the weekend and invited us to go along to their family’s original village – a really beautiful place. BEST TAMALES EVER. flew back to 10th avenue without luggage ( had boxed up goodies to take along home). I was pleasantly surprised to have them delivered the next day.

    George Crocker worked at DANCe but Edward doesn’t know that George Crocker was not his real name. try asking Dave G if he knows.
    nick, work on Dave to write his story; especially pre-Commonplace – Changes magazine. Mary and I went to their office on fourth near Cedar to submit an article. Dave’s case against the draft board went to the Supreme Court. he was famous. Mary knew his older sister, Ruth. both were nurses. I stayed in Ruth’s house when she was in the hospital with colon cancer. Mary L. was working with underground groups – cancer patients and their families seeking alternative meds. we took latrile to Ruth – got caught at last by a doctor who kicked us out. I was surprised at the people meeting to find alternatives to chemo. they were not hippies but older country types. pudgy grey hairs with suspenders, matrons in cotton dresses and sensible shoes. people who looked like my grandparents. part of Mary’s story. more to come.

    I also remember when Mary Bjorneby and Ellie Anthony showed up at commonplace. Mary Louise and I were working. maybe it was Monday and we were making ice cream. they were so much fun – we hit it off right away. I remember going to their place. they were trying to make lefse. last I knew Mary B was in Mpls. Karen Clark might know her whereabouts.

  2. Al on January 2, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    I met Sandralynn in 1970 at Middlebrook Hall. Would be great to see her. If anyone has contact info for her please let us know.

  3. jan nelson on March 19, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    alan burgoine i know i spelled name wrong. has anyone seen him?

  4. jan nelson on March 16, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    jess gordon, leslie (can’t remember last name), george crocker. did jane fatal work there or just hang out?

    • Nick on March 16, 2014 at 11:59 pm

      Thanks Jan, for remembering. I’ve added them.

      • Miriam Monasch on October 21, 2014 at 6:37 am

        What was Jess’s wife’s name? Was that Marcia? Can’t remember. They moved from NYC together but then split up. George Crocker was an alias because of his past history as a draft resister/political activist. At least, that’s what he told me. Last I heard of Elle Anthony she was living on Cape Cod. That was probably 15 years ago. Love the new pictures!

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